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My home renovation project for 2013 was to get a new conservatory built and kitted out. Earlier in the year I booked a visit and discussed what we wanted our conservatory to be like. Once that was all measured and sorted out then we went ahead and placed the order. They were due to start the build preparations early April. My wife and I spent a lot of time thinking about the interior and discussing it as we are retired and wanted to have it suited to the rest of the home. We agreed the colour we wanted the interior to be which was warm browns and beiges. The fittings we decided on to match everything else needed to be a shiny brass finish. We chose bright brass so that it will tone in nicely with the room that the conservatory will be added onto.

Once that was decided on we then had to find just the right furniture and we also agreed that the main item for it would be a ceiling fan. We visited so many websites for these items it was enough to make your head spin but we found exactly what we wanted furniture wise and then researched ceiling fans. We did look at many websites and studied the information about the fans so that we got the most energy efficient and quiet fan.

We also read lots of articles, reviews and testimonials before we started to call anyone and were amazed by the amount of good reading regards The Hunter Fan Company website so followed that line and found, with a bit of help from their people, the perfect fan for us. As it is a good sized conservatory we ordered a Hunter Savoy ceiling fan in bright brass. We also got a remote control, extension pole and light kit for it. It arrived the day after we ordered it and as soon as the build was complete the fan with light etc. was installed.

It not only matches our decor perfectly but is more than quiet because it is actually silent and knowing we have the lifetime warranty on the motor we are extremely happy. The product, delivery and customer service we were given was second to none and I just wish there were more companies out there that were as interested in us and what we wanted then converted it to what we actually needed. Thank you to everyone at The Hunter Fan Company you made us very happy.

by Jim Turner