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I wanted to give a shout out to The Hunter Fan Company for helping me choose a ceiling fan for my brand new conservatory. My friend suggested I get in touch as they are always happy to help and give advice on the right size fan and accessories that people need. I had no idea what I needed and was just going to get a fan but I found out I would need a drop rod to lower it slightly so the blades didn’t hit the ceiling. I am so daft I didn’t even think about that.

After I found the fan that I loved I also added a light then went crazy and got a remote control as well. It has all been installed now and I am delighted with the final look of not only the conservatory but the fan itself. It is actually a wonder to behold.

I am so pleased that I felt I had to write on this blog, which is not something I usually do, but just couldn’t help myself. I want everyone to know that The Hunter Fan Company is one company I will be coming back to for the same help and advice for many other rooms in my house but for now my conservatory is my favourite. Thanks to everyone at this company and bless you. You have made an old lady very happy.

by Jemima Torres