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I don’t know about you but I struggled in this hot weather especially in my conservatory. It is all glass and I don’t have blinds so it was the best way to have a free sauna but that was not what I wanted. My friend passed me a link to look at and I could kiss her for it.
It opened my eyes and I went on to check out the whole site. I was so pleased with the many models and colours of the fans but had no idea what to select or even what I needed to select. I contacted the Hunter Fan sales team on a Monday and discussed it with them and to be honest they couldn’t have been more helpful. I selected a fan but I wanted a light so they patiently went through all the options till I found one I liked. Once we knew the height of where I wanted it to hang from we sorted out the best length of what they called a drop rod to be able to hang the fan at the right place and height. They asked if I could reach the pull chains that would operate the fan speeds but as it will be quite high advised I get a remote or wall control. I went with the remote and placed my order.

I spoke to a few electricians that same day and once I decided on one of them wanted to book him for the Wednesday, as I was told the goods would be delivered on Tuesday, the next day but he wouldn’t book it because he said there was little chance they would turn up on Tuesday if I ordered them on Monday. How wrong he was because they did arrive at 9.30 am on Tuesday morning. I called and told him they were there and he did say he would eat his hat. He even agreed that he would come that afternoon as he was free.
Well, he came and he was really impressed with the ease of installation, which only took just over an hour, also especially the quality of the product which Hunter say are silent and truly are. He said he has installed lots of fans and this is the best he has ever seen. So if you are looking for a fan for your conservatory then take my advice and follow my link. I am sure you will be just as pleased as I am.

-By Steph Williams