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It is nearly Summer and I need to list my jobs to be doing over the next few weeks. It is the DIY season coming even if it is still freezing outside. The top of my list is sorting out my conservatory. The whole thing needs a good clean on the outside but the inside is in dire need of a total makeover. I am going to change it completely and I want to take down the ceiling fan my wife got last year. It was a bargain she said because it was a special offer but to be honest it was no bargain because not only is it noisy but it wobbles all over the place.

I have checked lots of companies and found Hunter has a wobble-free canopy and they are silent fans. I called and spoke to their technical lead, Craig, who went through it all with me and we got the right fan for the size of the space and the perfect finish to match my plan of action. I added a remote control and light as accessories plus the right length drop rod so it can be used winter or summer as it will be hanging at the right height for both. I ordered it then and there. I was impressed and pleased as it turned up the next day.

Not only was I impressed with the customer service and speed of delivery but when I opened the box the quality of the fan was amazing. So I have a starting point with this job to be done over Easter. I am a happy man and wanted the world to know.

by Dusty Williams