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A guide in choosing the best fan for your conservatory style.

There are 6 main conservatory styles popular amongst homes and home-owners in the UK. You’ve picked your style and decided upon installing a ceiling fan when built – but how do you know which fan to use? The Hunter Fan company has a wide range of ceiling fans to suit all styles and needs; in this guide, I will show which fans are perfect in which conservatories.

Historical conservatories, such as the Victorian, Edwardian or Lantern designs, go well with the many historical houses across the UK, whether it is the Victorian terrace or the Georgian detached, and keep the traditional feel of the property. Because of this, a great ceiling fan to choose would be the 1886 Series fan, seen on Hunter’s website to be fitting very well into the conservatory of choice. It comes in 3 finishes: burnished brass, grey wash and amber bronze and each one elegantly adds to the vintage style in keeping with the rest of the conservatory and property – something which other ceiling fans may take away. Another heritage favourite is the Hunter Classic original. Once again available in 3 different finishes, this range holds generations of American history, from the Civil War in 1886 through the roaring 1920’s to the great recession of the 1930’s and civil rights movement of the 1960’s.

The lean-to conservatory style is a much more modern design and goes well with buildings such as bungalows, due to its modern feel. A perfect fan for this contemporary style is the Carera ceiling fan, owing to its simple, modern lines and 3 blade finish. It comes in an array of different colours, along with the added feature of fitted lights, completing your modern conservatory and giving is a sleek, elegant feel.

For those conservatories lending themselves to a period in between Victorian and modern, such as the Gable, P-shaped and lantern designs, it can be hard to find the right furniture in keeping with the house and theme that has been set. Hunter has the answer though with its Lemoyne ceiling fan, perfect for period style conservatories or even modern designs. Along with built in lights, the Lemoyne comes with 5 sleek wooden or white blades, displaying its ability to fit into any modern or period style conservatory. Owning 5 blades instead of the Carera’s 3 hints at its traditional roots where vintage fans such as the Hunter Classic also exhibit this. Its metal body and fitted lights however bring it back to the modern day, showing how this fan is an in between and therefore perfect for a period style conservatory.