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How to cool your conservatory by using blinds.

There are many ways to cool a conservatory, including ceiling fans of course, however one of the most popular is the use of blinds, both internally and externally. Despite this, many do not realise their benefits and can also be mislead by using the wrong type of blinds, or by using them in the wrong way. There are so many types of blind, it can be hard to tell the difference between them!

Before deciding upon a style of blind, you need to know whether it should go outside or in. Typically, internal blinds are used around the home for reasons such as light blocking, insulation or privacy however they are not very effective in keeping heat out. In a conservatory where blinds are used internally, the light will have already passed through the glass and so the heat energy will be inside the room, despite the blind’s best efforts. To combat this therefore, blinds for more effective cooling should be used on the outside of the conservatory, where sunlight can be reflected away before hitting the glass and warming the room.

There are many companies specialising in conservatory blinds however some common properties stand out among them. External blinds are often white or light pastel in colour in order to reflect sunlight and minimise absorption of heat. They also filter the light going into the conservatory, allowing for glare free, natural light that will not fade furniture thanks to UV barriers often installed within blinds. Other useful features include remote control retractability, making it easy to change the position of the blind depending on the temperature. Privacy is another welcomed result, especially at night, as it can feel very exposing sitting inside a room with a wide, transparent view outside. Together with a remote control timer, you can give the appearance when on holiday that someone is in the house as the blinds change position throughout the day.

It is a good idea to have more than one method of cooling within your conservatory as temperatures will still rise even with the use of items such as external blinds. A good piece of furniture to use in conjunction would be a good quality ceiling fan, such as the white Carera from Hunter Fans, as well as opening windows to allow the circulation of air throughout the room. This stops the stale air from getting warm and allows for a refreshing breeze.

By using blinds and a ceiling fan, you can ensure that your conservatory will stay perfectly cool for maximum comfort and relaxation. For help on deciding which ceiling fan to purchase, click here.