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How To Buy The Best Conservatory Ceiling Fan

Welcome to the Conservatory Ceiling Fan Buyers Guide where we aim to provide you with lots of information, tips, guidance and advice on how to select and buy the best ceiling fan for your conservatory.  Take a walk through our pages and in a few minutes you will learn all you need to know before jumping in and parting with your hard-earned cash.   The advice we give here applies to all brands of conservatory ceiling fans and we believe it is the most comprehen

Lucci Woody ceiling fan in conservatory by sea

The Lucci Woody Outdoor ceiling fan in conservatory by seasive conservatory ceiling fan buying guide on the internet.

We are The UK Ceiling Fan Association who want to promote the energy saving benefits of using ceiling fans within the UK.  We represent manufacturers and retailers of ceiling fans and are grateful to our sponsor for funding this site, the Henley Fan Company Ltd, who are the UK distributors of seven high quality leading global brands of ceiling fans.   This includes the World’s biggest Hunter based in Memphis, USA which is a household name known to every American and who have a long-lasting reputation for quality, innovation and style.

Cheap Fans Are A False Economy

Buying a cheap ceiling fan is a false economy as it will probably fail very quickly leading to wasted money not only on your purchase but also on having to get an electrician out to fit a new one.  You may not use your conservatory very much but when you are in it you want to enjoy it by having a ceiling fan that fits in with the style you have chosen.  In the colder and damp winter months you will find that the metallic finish on cheaper fans will pit, crack and start to peel.  You will also find that the motor will start to rust inside leading to an unbalanced motor that wobbles or bearings that fail or connections that rot away. The cheap capacitors will start to break down leading to annoying

Example of a conservatory ceiling fan

Hunter Brighton Conservatory Ceiling Fan

buzzes and hums.  The hardboard blades will start to warp due to the changing humidity and damp also leading to the fan wobbling that will create an annoying noise.  The poor blade and motor design will not move much air and waste a lot of energy simply heating up your conservatory.  All of this can be avoided by investing in a quality ceiling fan that will consume very little energy and last for many years giving trouble-free operation.

Ceiling Fans on TV

ITV’s leading DIY makeover programme 60 Minute Makeover has featured Hunter ceiling fans supplied by Henley Fan in no less than 15 of it’s episodes over the last few years.   There is no doubt that ceiling fans are becoming not only an environmentally sensitive option but an attractive design feature as can be seen in this shot from an episode filmed in Altrincham, Manchester.  The show’s famous interior designers have used ceiling fans in not only conservatories but bedrooms and lounges too.  Here are a couple of examples taken from their show.


Valhalla Ceiling Fan

We hope you find it useful and that armed with the knowledge gained from here you will be able to avoid a bad experience and purchase a conservatory ceiling fan that will bring you years of stress-free pleasure, comfort, service, and of course energy and cost savings.   If it has been then please leave us a comment on the blog page.